Importers Dance Location

We will be dancing at:
Jewett Park Community Center
836 Jewett Park Drive, Deerfield, IL
(847) 945-0650

This is near the intersection of Deerfield Road and Waukegan Road. See below for directions. The motel that callers and some dancers have stayed at is the:

Red Roof Inn
340 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 205-1755

It's south of the dance location just a couple of miles. Check for rates and availability. (In September, 2003 the rates were around $50 to $65; the lowest rate was for a King, non-smoking room and was a special "internet rate.") You could also try "1-800-RED-ROOF." This link might get you right to the this motel:

Though the motel is right by I-294 and I-94, you cannot get off the highways right there. The on- and off-ramps in the little map on the above web page show the right idea.

There are a couple of (probably pricier) options not too far away. They are all in Deerfield, on Lake Cook Road, about a mile or so west of Waukegan Road. Lake Cook Road is the first major road south of Deerfield Road, about 1 - 2 miles away.

Local listings follow:

Country Inn & Suites 2600 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield (847) 374-0260

Embassy Suites 1445 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield (847) 945-4500

Hyatt Deerfield 1750 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield (847) 945-3400 (800) 233-1234

Residence Inn by Marriott 530 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield (847) 940-4644

Directions to Jewett Park Community Center

Following are some VERY DETAILED directions to get you through Chicago and to the dance hall. (Hopefully, they won't scare or confuse you.) Together with a good map, they should get you here!

It's near the northwest corner of Deerfield Rd and Waukegan Rd, in Deerfield, IL. ("Behind the Presbyterian Church, near the Police Station.")

Deerfield, Illinois is about 35 miles north of Chicago. The two major limited-access roads you can use to get there are:

  1. I-94 West (also known as the Edens Expressway). This one goes through the heart of Chicago and has no tolls.
  2. I-294 North (Tri-state Tollway). This one bypasses downtown Chicago, but adds several miles to the trip. There are several tolls you'll have to pay if you get onto this highway at the Indiana/Illinois border. If you choose this route, bring a lot of change -- the "automatic" tollbooths are usually quite a bit faster to get through than the "manual" ones (where you get change from a person). I think there are about 5 or 6 tolls of about 40 to 50 cents each (if you take it from its start at the Indiana border).

Either road will probably be fine if you're coming to town at a time other than during rush hour. (I think on Fridays "rush hour" can start as early as 2:30 pm and go quite late -- until 8 pm??). We have a pretty good AM radio station that gives traffic and weather every 10 minutes ("on the 8's" -- e.g. x:08, x:18, x:28, etc.) It's 780 on the AM dial, however, the traffic reports are delivered quickly and can be hard to understand -- almost like they're talking in code! I don't know how to advise you other than to say to bring your patience and allow plenty of time.


Go North on Waukegan about 1.5 miles. Turn Left/West on Deerfield Rd. Turn Right/North on Robert York Ave (second traffic light?) before you go under the railroad bridge. Jewett Park Community Center is one block up -- you'll run right into its parking lot.


I-94 West / Edens Expressway If you take I-94 (Edens Expy), this road will split about 25 - 30 miles north of Chicago. You want to follow black-and-white shield signs that say "41" (Illinois State Route # 41) when you seen them around Dundee Road in Northbrook (a northern suburb). If youstay in one of the two left lanes you'll be okay. Once you reach this juncture, you're just a few miles from your exit.

(The right-most lanes will keep you on I-94, but this will put you onto the Tollway. It's okay if you do this -- you'll just have to pay a 50-cent toll, rather unnecessarily. If you find this to be the case, just follow the directions for the Tollway. Deerfield Road will be the first exit after you pay this toll.)

Once you're on Route 41...

  1. Get off at "West/Deerfield Rd" (which is a cloverleaf to the right, and is at the same interchange as "East/Central St"). This is a couple of exits after Lake-Cook Rd, just to give you some bearing.
  2. Follow Deerfield Rd (basically westbound, but it curves a bit right after you get off the highway) about 1 mile to downtown Deerfield. (You'll know -- plenty of shopping!)
  3. Stay to the right, and go straight through the traffic light at Waukegan Rd. (also known as Illinois State Route 43).
  4. Turn right (north) at the second traffic light, Robert York Ave -- before you go under the railroad bridge.
  5. Jewett Park Community Center is one block up -- you'll run right into its parking lot.

I-294 North / Tri-State Tollway If you take I-294 (Tri-state Tollway):

  1. Exit at Deerfield Rd (less than a mile from Mile-Marker 53).
  2. Veer right at the end of the off-ramp to go East on Deerfield Rd. Take this about 2 miles.
  3. 3) After you pass a several-block stretch of residences, you should see a traffic light (Telegraph Rd?), and an overhead railroad bridge. (Stay in the left lane.)
  4. Turn left (north) at the next light, Robert York Ave -- just after you go under the railroad bridge.
  5. Jewett Park Community Center is one block up -- you'll run right into its parking lot.

If you need more information, please contact Barb Jarvis at or by phone at (847) 816-8944. Good luck!