Copyright © 1999 William B. Ackerman


These are surprisingly versatile calls. Ripple the wave is done from a wave or line, and designates a person or two people. It may also give a number. Without the number, the call is <anyone> ripple the wave. (It is called that even if the line isn't a wave.) With a number, it is <anyone> ripple <N>.

Typically just one person is designated in each 4-person wave (as in side girls ripple the wave), and that person is an end. That person does trades with people until he or she reaches the far end of the wave. If the designee is an end, that is 3 trades. If the designee is a center, he or she will work toward the center, and will do 2 trades. Nondesignated people don't do anything except when a designated person is trading with them.

It is possible to designate both ends (their second trade will be with each other) or both centers (they will start by trading with each other.) Other combinations won't work.

          2B^   2GV   3G^   3BV             3G^   2BV   3B^   2GV
          1B^   1GV   4G^   4BV             4G^   1BV   4B^   1GV
                           girls ripple the wave

Instead of having to say something like head boys to identify one person in each wave, you may be able to use more dancer-friendly designators like

        end boys
        end girls
        center boys
        center girls
        lead ends
        lead centers
        trailing ends
        trailing centers

When a number is given, the designee does just that many trades:

          2G^   3GV   2B^   3BV             3G^   2BV   2G^   3BV
          1B^   4BV   1G^   4GV             1B^   4GV   4B^   1GV
                             end girls ripple 2

You can give fractional numbers to get interesting results:

                                           3G^   2BV
          2G^   3GV   2B^   3BV                           3B<
          1B^   4BV   1G^   4GV               1B>
                                                       4B^   1GV
                           end girls ripple 2-1/2

                                          2B>   3G>
          3G^   2BV   3B^   2GV           2G<   3B<
          4G^   1BV   4B^   1GV           1B>   4G>
                                          1G<   4B<
                          girls ripple 2-1/2

                                       2B^         3BV
          3G^   2BV   3B^   2GV              3G>
          4G^   1BV   4B^   1GV              1G<
                                       1B^         4BV
                       end girls ripple 1-1/2

The call rolling ripple takes more than one number. The designee does a normal ripple of the first amount. Then, whoever is standing on the spot(s) that the designee(s) originally started on does a ripple of the second amount. If there are more numbers the action continues, from the same spot(s) each time.

          2B^   2GV   3G^   3BV             2G^   2BV   3B^   3GV
          1B^   1GV   4G^   4BV             1G^   1BV   4B^   4GV
                         boys rolling ripple 3 x 2

          4B^   3BV   1G^   2GV             2G^   4BV   1G^   3BV
          4G^   3GV   1B^   2BV             1B^   3GV   2B^   4GV
                      end girls rolling ripple 3 x 1

          4B^   3BV   1G^   2GV             4B^   2GV   1G^   3BV
          4G^   3GV   1B^   2BV             1B^   3GV   4G^   2BV
                     center boys rolling ripple 2 x 1

                                       2G^         3GV
          2B^   2GV   3G^   3BV              3B>
          1B^   1GV   4G^   4BV              1B<
                                       1G^         4GV
                      boys rolling ripple 3 x 1-1/2

                                                       4B^   3BV
          4B^   3BV   1G^   2GV               1G<
          4G^   3GV   1B^   2BV                           3G>
                                           1B^   2BV
                     end girls rolling ripple 3 x 2-1/2

          4B^   3BV   1G^   2GV             2G^   1GV   3B^   4BV
          4G^   3GV   1B^   2BV             2B^   1BV   3G^   4GV
                     end girls rolling ripple 3 x 2 x 1